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Zbizlink is a Business Enterprise tool which combines six core business applications into one amazing product. Zbizlink is a first-of-class product which combines core business features to help business owners – from small to corporate – to manage the entire business enterprise key data and work flows:

• Business Enterprise Management
• Business-Oriented Social Platform
• B2B
• Employee Intranet
• Proposal Management
• Project Management

If your company has struggled with developing methods to engage in social media, establish business-to-business partnerships, provide an employee Intranet, and coordinate the Proposal Management and Project Management process, then the one-stop solution is Zbizlink. Zbizlink combines core business requirements into a web-based application which results in economies in establishing your company data and workflow, delivery time, cost, simplification, and streamlining essential business practices.

Zbizlink begins with developing your Company Profile in Business Enterprise Management. This start is a free service to publish your products or services internationally. Each of Zbizlink’s core features and capabilities are offered as add-ons to meet your business needs to automate as your company grows.


Zbizlink begins with your creation of your personal Company Business Profile with the option to make public and to advertise and promote your products and services. Business Enterprise Management is a free Zbizlink feature that allows a business entity to add their employee’s profiles for employee management and the ease of search for your pre-defined business criteria.

By making your Business Profile public, you are then accessible to companies seeking your expertise, and matching your location, size and certifications.

Add-on features of Business Enterprise Management allows you to add Recruiting Candidate profiles. This powerful tool collects profile information including skills, certification, education and resume upload. This benefits the Human Resources group as well as Proposal and Project Management teams to source instantly for potential resources.


The majority of business owners today have placed a priority on implementation of their corporate social media campaign for their organization. A socially enabled enterprise is leveraging their reach through technology capabilities and the well documented results of an effective social media program. Until recently, social media platforms have been primarily designed for the individual. While businesses have been adopting the social media world, they are spending sizable sums for a platform designed to match individuals in a ‘business-to-customer’ (B2C) model and not a business-to-business (B2B) model. Zbizlink is a tool designed specifically for businesses and creates a social media platform to meet business norms.

Creating a Zbizlink Profile allows your business to immediately enter business-to-business social media exchange. Your messaging and blogging are in a domain which is seeking your services and products and not competing with the private world. Show your current business activities, post status updates, newsfeeds, and special events. You are able to create personalized business networks, search globally, add your contacts and spread your company message – business to business!


The Zbizlink B2B feature allows users to Match & Filter businesses based upon your needed criteria – skills or products required, project type, location, etc. Instantly, Zbizlink provides recommendations to match your specific criteria – with a global reach.
Zbizlink is the tool to advertise and sell your products and services both regionally or globally, and share your capabilities both in/out of network to attract new clientele.

Zbizlink’s “Feedback + Ratings” feature improves your marketability with new customers. Ask your customers to leave their feedback and comments about their experience with your company. Use your performance ratings and scores for work completed on contracts to sell your next project!


The new Zbizlink Employee Intranet features enable companies of all sizes to benefit. The Employee Intranet feature allows your company the benefits of a business-centric Intranet. Integrated with the Business Enterprise, the Zbizlink Intranet pulls together the employee profile and company organization to allow for an instant company directory, organizational charts, and employee skill-matching based upon your custom search criteria.

Employees can access their personal profiles to continuously update personal contact information, skills, certifications, education and training. They can post activities, status, newsfeeds and announcements. Zbizlink provides access to their corporate benefits all with one logon.
Zbizlink is a corporate Social Sharing tool to announce current activities – posts, status, and newsfeeds. Share business success, personal achievements, post corporate news, information and announcements. Create customized pages for your Corporate Intranet website. Zbizlink offers common enterprise tools most commonly found in a larger enterprise.


Proposal Management is a powerful Zbizlink feature. Proposal Management is a best-of-class tool for developing your proposal workflow, and reduces delivery time, increases simplification working across the proposal development team, and streamlines your proposal management practice.

Large companies love it because it manages across the largest organizations, simplifying an often fragmented and complex process. Small companies love this tool because it has built-in best practices and has you operating like a large company instantly.

Zbizlink Proposal Management features capture the entire proposal life cycle. From Capture Management to Project Award and Close, Zbizlink is the most powerful tool on the market today.


• Proposal Team selection
• Build Your Proposal
• Project Resource sourcing
• Resume Builder
• Past Performance Builder + Past Performance Validation

Zbizlink Proposal Builder walks the project lead through the proposal process to organize and capture project information systematically. From the decision to bid, and the creation of the Proposal Summary, all of the proposal documents and information are retained as you select your proposal team, assign tasks, and utilize Proposal Builder templates to build and develop your proposal.

Businesses which reply upon proposal development to grow their business share the same challenge of managing the complex process of development. Many companies have developed their own process to manage proposals yet the process is seldom supported with technology through the course of proposal development. Much of the organization of proposal development is to store documentations in folders and these are often not shared. Zbizlink Proposal Builder removes these obstacles and enables the process to move efficiently from start to finish, assigning tasks, file sharing among members, retention of all documents for the entire history of the project and finally, development of the Past Performance template for future proposal insertion.

A key component of Proposal Builder are the customizable Proposal Templates. Proposal Builder provides ready-made sections and corresponding templates such as: Introduction, Management Approach, Technical Approach, Past Performance Examples, and Key Personnel Resume. Each section can be assigned to individuals or teams and deliverable dates monitored on your desktop.

Special tools built into Zbizlink are the Resume Builder and Past Performance Builder. These allow for the visual consistency of your professional documents. They provide a step-by-step approach which captures information thoroughly and finishes with a print-ready product for insertion into your proposal or a stand-alone document. Resumes of key personnel can be collected in a consistent format for existing employees or your candidate pool.

Most importantly, Zbizlink is also customizable. You can develop and add your customized templates, or edit existing templates. At the end of the day – or the proposal – you have a repository of the proposal history and can track the project using the Zbizlink Project Management tool through award and project execution.


Many companies are using stand-alone project management tools to manage their projects. They may have developed a process for proposal management but that information does not feed over into the project management tool. Zbizlink offers the seamless flow from proposal to project. Zbizlink captures the key information from the proposal to allow the project manager and project teams to gather data already collected during the proposal process.

The Zbizlink tool was designed with the highest industry standards of Project Management recognized today. Like Proposal Builder, the templates, and the ability to assign teams and delegate tasks are important features of Zbizlink Project Management.

The templates and report tools provide users with options to support the project throughout the project life cycle:

• Initiate
• Plan
• Execute
• Monitor and Control
• Close

Zbizlink is likely the most cost-effective business enterprise tool available today. For further information about Zbizlink visit www.bizlininc.net. If you would like a personalized introduction and assessment of how Zbizlink can streamline your business or to discuss how we can implement Zbizlink into your organization, contact us.

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